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I am the dark
and I am the light.
I am the moon
and I am the starless
night sky.
Fall in love with
all that I am
or please,
do not fall
in love with me
at all.
Christopher Poindexter (via fawun)

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true love

anthonyarriaga224-deactivated20 said: i like your blog and i think you are very cute (:


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alijachin said: I feel like... you go to sleep, and that skin your beautiful soul nuzzles underneath, crawls closer to perfection in yet another futile attempt to touch the same grounds Olympic goddesses once roamed. Then, you awaken, normal. Everything's normal. Except, you're quite fonder of life than the day before, and have grown that much more gorgeous and priceless... to be the prize of anyone's eyes. God you're... xoxo

thankyou xo

You write so
beautifully, the
inside of your
mind must be a
terrifying placeĀ 

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